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Join the National Prevention Week movement each year on social media by participating in the NPW Prevention Challenge. En Espanol

2019 Prevention Challenge: #PREVENTIONCHAMPION IN ONE WORD

Pre·ven·tion Cham·pi·on

Noun: a person, activity, program, or organization that inspires others to take prevention actions every day that change lives and create healthier futures for ourselves and our communities.


Inspiring. Friend. Truthful. Listener. Brave. Hero. Strong. Teacher. Gift. Survivor.

  1. Take a photo or video of your Prevention Champion.
  2. Include one word that best describes how your Prevention Champion inspires you to take action to live a healthier life and practice prevention every day.
  3. Share your photo or video on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or Snapchat using the hashtags #PreventionChampion and #NPW2019 by May 2019.

We will add your post to the NPW Prevention Challenge digital mosaic and may feature it in a future NPW video.

Share your #PreventionChampion today!

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What’s the NPW Prevention Challenge?

The NPW Prevention Challenge is an interactive social media activity that ties your local prevention efforts to the larger movement of National Prevention Week. Each year, a new challenge activity and hashtag are announced at SAMHSA’s Prevention Day in early February, and continue through the end of May.

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